Weekly Roundup 30/4/14

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Sorry, late again. I’ll be posting these every Tuesday from now on hopefully. Send your blog links & I’ll put them up next week, if you don’t know how to blog, read my last one to find out how.

This week Katie Archibald showed her diversity winning the Cheshire Classic, part of the UK Womens Road Race Series. The previous week she won a round of the women’s time trial series on a tough circuit in the Peak District. Bear in mind that she’s consistently beating world champions in these events, the future looks as bright as her hair for the lady from Glasgow.

James McCallum took 4th place in the UCI Melton CiCLE Classic, a very high-profile race partly raced on farm tracks, billed as the UK’s answer to Paris Roubaix. James showing the selectors that he’s in fine form to perform a key role in Commonwealth Road Race in Glasgow City Centre this year.

Other News

Scottish Cyclng has a new board member, Ali McGill, who been involved in & around the sport for a few years now. I’m liking the recent recruits, it hopefully brings in some much-needed new blood & ideas. Most of all, a willingness to accept change move the sport forwards, rather than just trying to do what they’ve always done, that clearly does not work, it really is time to try something new, a rejuvenated board of enthusiastic people may be the answer. Read about it HERE.

James McCallum will be lecturing at Heriot-Watt University, on “How Do We Keep Inspiring a Generation?”. He’ll be talking about his rise through cycling to a Commonwealth medal, while working as a nurse & about the dark days when he dabbled with gymnastics. Sounds well worth going along. Tickets available HERE, plus the blurb below.

With a fourth Commonwealth games just around the corner this summer and retirement from international cycling looming – James takes a retrospective look at his pathway from growing up in Glasgow to competing internationally, the on-going shift in the Scottish mentality of being the underdog and how the legacy of London 2012 has had an impact on society and how Glasgow2014 will help continue that legacy.

6.30pm, Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Galleries of Scotland, Weston Link, The Mound, Edinburgh, EH2 2EL
(Princes St Gardens entrance)

Event Results


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