Scottish Weekly Roundup 14/4/14

Rhona Callander proved victorious in the Scottish Power Youth Tour of Scotland, Grant Ferguson performing on the world stage, Neil Fachie a double world champion & posting a ridiculously fantastic kilo time & Evan Oliphant winning a stage of the Tour of the Reservoir, a successful week for Scottish riders. (links posted below).

Other News

In Italy Neil Fachie, paired with Peter Mitchell won the Para Cycling Track World Championships Sprint & Kilo. An incredible time was posted in the kilo time trial, under one minute, with a 59.460, a significant improvement over Fachie’s performance at the London Olympics paired with Barney Storey. Huge potential for Glasgow 2014 medals there, especially if recently Scottish domiciled Peter Mitchell is eligible to ride, I’ll have to check that out, but otherwise we still have that rapid MacLean chap. Full results HERE.

Grant Ferguson has continued his ride to the top with an impressive podium in the UCI U23 Mountain bike world cup in South Africa. A truly world-class ride & perhaps one of the finest performances seen by a UK rider in this level of MTB competition. More info HERE.

Evan Oliphant took a major win in the Tour of the Reservoir stage 2. A repeat of his 2013 victory in the same event, which led to him securing the season long Premier Calendar title. More info HERE.

Event Results

Scottish Power Youth Tour of Scotland:

This Weeks Top Blogs

Top reads this week are from Gabriella Nordin, reported by the Drum-up blog, racing in the Tour of Battenkil, I race I’m sure I used to read about as part of the US race scene in ‘Winning’ magazine many moons ago. We also have injuries in Spain for Craig Wallace from the Braveheart Cycling Fund

Get Well Soon

Laura Cluxton, the tandem sprinter from Scotland sustained a fractured collarbone during a training crash in Mallorca four weeks ago, just after achieving the Commonwealth F200 qualification time. We wish her all the best & hope she’s getting on the turbo as early as possible, I’m also hoping to get some more info on Laura & her progress so far with experienced Para Cycling pilot Fiona Duncan in the next week. (Was going to add it to this, but I’ll be doing a larger feature on Commonwealth tandem racing very soon, the Worlds looked fantastic)

Read Craig Wallace’s blog above for his account of a crash & injuries, get well soon Craig & hopefully the trip back home for recovery went as painless as possible.

Kenta Gallacher was knocked unconcious during the Mountain bike world cup at the weekend, never good to hear this kind of thing, wishing the huge talent a speedy recovery.


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